Q:  I’m interested in setting up a shoot with you, where do I start?
A:  First think about your objective for a shoot. Are you an Actor looking for a headshot? A Model interested in creating a portfolio/book?  Etc.


Q:  What is your photography rate?
A:  My rate varies depending on the needs of my client.  Commercial and personal shoots have a different rate based on
Copyright needs. I have hourly and day rates. Location and studio rates. We can discuss your needs and I will quote you a competitive rate.


Q:  Do you have a Studio and what are your hours of operation?
A:  Yes. My Studio is located in San Francisco. Easily accessible off of highway 280. (2377 San Jose Ave. Studio #6).  Marrs Photography is open 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm.


Q:  Do you shoot on Location?
A:  Yes. My location rates are slightly higher based on distance traveled. I usually meet a client at the agreed upon location. Other arrangements can be made if transport for the Model is needed.


Q:  What do I do for wardrobe for a shoot, and how many “looks” can I bring?
A:  Prior to the shoot, we will discuss the types of “looks” you desire and decide upon the wardrobe pieces you will need to bring. The agreed upon length of the shoot will decide how many “looks” can be achieved. (On an average it takes 15 to 30 minutes to capture a great image from each “look”.)


Q:  What is your payment policy?
A:   I ask for half of the rate quoted before the shoot. (Payment made through paypal.) The remainder paid with cash or check the day of the shoot.


Q:  Do you shoot with film or digital?
A:   I am currently shooting with a Canon 5D (digital)


Q:  How long does it take to view the proofs from the shoot.
A:  Within a week from the shoot the proofs will be uploaded onto the net for your personal viewing.


Q:  Do you provide image retouching?
A:   Basic image retouching such as blemish control and lighting/color adjustments are offered for $20 per image. More involved retouching cost are based on a agreed upon price.


Q:  Do you offer free test shoots?
A:  Marrs Photography provides free test shoots to select Models. Please review the test shoot information page to learn more about our free test policy.


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